Green Thumbs Unite!

basil.jpgDang, I just planted my herb garden last week, but I’m sure I did it all wrong. Again. Each year my basil grows tall and thin and tastes bitter while my parsley stays yellow and weepy. However, the lemon oregano cascades beautifully down the side of the planter box. I should probably figure out how to use it, eh? Anywhoo, I am going to take time out of my busy farming schedule to hit Central Market’s Herb Fest on Saturday, April 5, when the one, the only, and still very much alive Neil Sperry will be in the Dallas store to talk about planting and growing herbs. I’m so glad because this year I’ve decided to branch out and grow tomatoes, garlic, and peppers. Perhaps even a little of this which I hear can be pretty tricky to manage. Central Market’s Herb Fest runs April 4-6. BYOL.


  • Amy S

    I tried Arugula this year and it has taken off.

  • Amy S

    OK, so don’t smoke it.