Best Iced Tea?

251789_3136.jpgI love me some iced tea. Specifically, the unsweetened variety. Most of the time I’ll just take it plain with lemon, lime, or some fresh mint. The flavored stuff just doesn’t come off well. It either tastes synthetic, or overpowers the leaf. However, a recent visit to Salum changed all that. They do it right, with just a little spice that I couldn’t quite place. Go try it for yourself, and if you can place it (and replicate it), please pass it on—I’d love to make that at home.

And for the sweet tea lovers, I do get a hankering about once a year. Where do I go? Chicken Express. (The flying chicken logo is what makes it good.)

Where have you had a good (or bad) Iced Tea experience? Comment away.


  • Marcus

    The best tea I have found at a restaurant in the DFW area is the mango tea at Piranha Sushi in Arlington.

  • Sarah Eveans

    I love the tea at 4510’s T Room.

  • I have a thing for Eatzi’s iced tea to go. It’s nothing fancy, just plain good.

  • Jason

    The best sweet tea I’ve had in the area is found at the Alligator Cafe.

  • Cynthia

    Sweet Tea at a sweet price? Chick-Fil-A!

  • Kelly

    The Tea at Maguires is awesome. It’s probably plain ‘loe teatly but I can actually taste it when I think about. Yummy!

  • Logan

    I like the tea at Mcalister’s Deli.

  • GLM

    Oh! This is my kinda thing – LOVE LOVE LOVE Eatzi’s Peach Mango. The mixture of the tea with their rockin’ crushed ice is good.

    Also for just me at home – I love mint in fresh iced tea.

  • Todd Johnson

    The coconut chai at Bengal Coast is better than it sounds. Not too overpowering with a nice vanilla undertone. It’s pretty refreshing.

  • Yeah, definitely agree with McAlister’s. I can drink a whole gallon of that stuff.

  • DTF

    S&D – hands down.

  • Brad

    I love the Tea at Steel Restaurant and Lounge. It is a Mango Cinnamon Hibiscus. Very crisp with a citrusy edge.

  • Andra

    Lemon Mint at Kuai Dumplings (!!!)

    Whatever tea they’re serving at Marie Gabrielle–once I think it had a hint of pineapple

  • Grew up drinking “Constant Comment” iced tea by Bigelow. Sweet or unsweet – its my favorite hands down. But…if you like it sweet, Southern tradition states that you _have_ to dissolve the sugar in boiling water first…don’t be trying to stir it in cold.


    The best tea around is at Rudy’s Mexican food in Irving. A small, mom and pop place but the tea is so good that people who have dined with me have asked if they could get to go cups for it!

  • For me it is Jason’s Deli sweet tea.

  • Dianna

    The best tea that I’ve had is at Celebrity Cafe & Bakery. They have a variety of teas to choose from, which I like because I don’t always want the same thing when I go.

  • Mona

    Love-love-LOVE the sweet tea at The Porch.