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Mini-Review(s): Del’s Charcoal Burgers & Twisted Root Burger Co.


I don’t eat a lot of burgers, so when I do, it’s gotta be goood. This Friday, I doubled up, and got my fill: Del’s Charcoal Burgers in Richardson for lunch (where the Mayor was also dining), and Twisted Root Burger Co. in Deep Ellum for dinner. Full report after the jump.

Del’s Charcoal Burgers

Del’s has been around in Richardson for more than 50 years. Although, after living there for nearly 3, I just found the place. It’s on a side street, off the main drag in downtown Richardson. It’s not hard to find, but it isn’t obvious either. The place looks small, and it is. But, from the original tabletops, and diminutive exterior, you can tell it’s got a history. And while I love, love, love all the ethnic food in Richardson, sometimes you just want a burger.

We got the Texas Cheeseburger & Guacamole Swiss Burger. Both came paired with fries. I’m not going to go into too much detail, because the burgers were just plain good. You could tell they were charbroiled. They weren’t fancy, but hit the spot. Think American burgers, and this is your place. Kind of reminded us of the state fair (I saw a fried Twinkie on the menu.) And yes, it turns out the Mayor of Richardson was sitting behind us.

Now, the root beer: We got two, very cold mugs of Del’s homemade root beer. This alone, is reason enough to make the visit. I grew up drinking floats from the Dairy-Ette (which I need to make a return visit to), and this brought back good memories. Although, I don’t ever remember the ‘beer tasting this good. The mugs were cold enough where the liquid froze to the sides, and the foam crystallized. Two refills, please.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root is a totally different type of experience, but at the heart, it’s just a modern burger joint done right. It’s all homemade (yes, even the root beer), but a bit fancier. For example, the three of us all saw the ostrich burger, and couldn’t resist. It’s a very lean, high protein meat, (even moreso than bison) that I thought would translate into “dry and gamey,” but it didn’t. The burger was juicy, and if anything, a little spicy.It was tasty, so much so, that I was asking around Central Market the next day for ostrich meat (didn’t find any, anyone know where I can?) But, the bun was really where it all came together. I couldn’t tell if it was a multi-grain, a rye mix, or both. Either way, a lot of people skimp with the bun, but it makes a big difference—and this was about as good as it gets. So points all around.

I didn’t get the root beer, but I did go for the fried green beans. Think fried okra, elongated. This was a hit around our table, and I’ll be ordering it again. Another plus was the homemade sauces, and spicy pickles. We experimented with these, all with good results.

The verdict? You can’t go wrong with either. Better yet, try both. Del’s is a burger joint from yesteryear, and Twisted Root is today’s version.