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BLT Steak: Valet Update


A loyal Disher with a nose for wine and investigative reporting disputes the Disher who claimed  the police were ticketing cars at BLT Steak.

We went to BLT last night and I asked the valet guy about the ticket story.  He absolutely swore that it never happened and that no tickets were ever written.  Food was good and service exceptional.  The prices are rather impressive however…they match those of Pappas and Craft which I find remarkably high.  With a steak at $35-40 plus a couple of $10 sides the bill adds up quickly.  Am I the only one noticing that main courses very often no longer come with sides and the actual price of a main course is significantly more?  I was talking with one local chef whose prices are high but as he points out, all of his main courses come with a vegetable or some sort of side.

A la carte is so New York.