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Mini-Review: Bukhara Grille in Richardson


Good timing, I had my first trip to Bukhara Grille on Friday. After living in Richardson for nearly 3 years, I was surprised I didn’t know about this place earlier. It’s semi-new, but I didn’t even know the shopping center it belongs to existed. It’s not exactly hard to find (Campbell and Greenville Ave), just not in an area I visit a lot. (Also discovered there’s a Benny’s Bagels next door, which on a visit to the following morning, wasn’t nearly as crowded as all the other bagel shops in Richardson.)

We came at dinner, but opted for the buffet to get some variety. The staff was super helpful, encouraging us to try different things, and gave us an overview of all the dishes. This was probably the biggest (and best) difference I’ve seen between other Indian restaurants ’round town. Indian food can be overwhelming, and most people get stuck eating Tikka Masala, because that’s all they know.

They had a huge variety, ranging from Goat Biryani, to the more common Tandoori Chicken and the aforementioned Chicken Tikka Masala. They had a few types of chaat (small dishes, think Indian street food) that I’ve only seen at smaller chaat shops around town like Royal Sweets or Taj Chaat. The Pav bhaji was savory and delicious, and the Panipuri was fun to assemble yourself. We had a family across from us, and all the kids we’re happily making these. For dessert, we had the Pista Kulfi (on encouragement from the waiter), basically a type of ice cream with pistachios. You take a little cup of this and mix it with what appeared to be clear noodles with either green, red, or orange coloring that corresponded to fruit flavors. I’d never seen this before, but was glad I tried it.

I’ll definitely be back, and am looking forward to ordering off the menu. This is a great addition to all the ethnic restaurants we have in Richardson. More please.