Knish This


As I reported yesterday, I took my five perfect nieces to New York to teach them a thing or two about ethnic food. After touring the Tenement Museum in LoHo (the new SoHo), Mia, my 8-year old niece pictured to the right, was curious about, in her words, “Jewish food.” So we rounded the corner and hit Katz’s Delicatessen where our very patient waiter, who introduced himself as Richard The Lionhearted, lectured my eager little shiksas. “Girls, you’re not here to eat grilled cheese sandwiches, OK,” he said. “I’m going to tell you what you are going to eat.” Needless to say, ten eyes rolled toward me. In the end, they all tried potato knishes, real deli pickles, matzo ball soup, and pastrami sandwiches but the lesson fell apart once one of them figured out that a “frankfurter” was “Jewish” for a hot dog. Hmm. Need to workshop this lesson locally. Gilbert’s is long gone and Dallas is short on real delis. Help me here.


  • Anne

    Isn’t Deli News still around? Around Preston and Campbell?? My fave in NYC is the Carnegie Deli.

  • Pat

    Oh, yeah, Deli-News is still around at Preston and Campbell, and it’s still freaking awesome. Way better than Gilbert’s was, although the decor is shabbier. But they make up for it with the great food. Best Rueben on the planet.

  • Please

    I went to Cindy’s when I first got here in Big D and wasn’t impressed.

    In NYC, the diner across from the Parker Meridien has some great sandwiches (the name escapes me).

    Can you make a pitstop in Philly for me get me some cannoli’s and zeppolis?

  • Is there anywhere in Uptown or Oak Cliff where I can get a good sandwich?

  • JB

    Jimmy’s on Bryan is a fine Italian Deli. The Sanwhiches in the back are darn good.

  • Roxie

    My fav NYC deli is Ben Ash. The chicken liver sandwich is delicious!

  • Brian

    Whats wrong… Bagelsteins for Chris…. umm for sakes.

  • Bob Stoller

    I understand that the 2nd Avenue Deli has reopened uptown somewhere (UES–NYC). We need a report.

  • Grumpy

    Ed’s Deli, which has taken over Deli News’ spot at Preston and LBJ, is the best Dallas Jewish deli I’ve been to since Gilbert griped and shuttered his doors. One thing about Jewish delis is that the matzoh balls don’t have to be huge, but everybody seems to want to copy the Carnegie or the Stage and inject them with steroids.

    The 2nd Avenue Deli has indeed reopened, although no longer on 2nd Avenue. If you haven’t had Jewish delicatessen food from there, you really haven’t had Jewish deli food. The Rascal House in Miami Beach would run a close second. And there is a deli in Houston (name escapes me) that does a pretty good job, too.

  • Nancy Nichols

    From an e-mailer:
    Make your way to 205 Houston St. Look in the window, but do not go in.
    Katz’s has been living off its reputation and as the setting for a funny
    movie scene for decades. It’s barely better than a Dallas deli. Now go
    next door to Hot Bagels and pick up some of the best bagels in New York,
    then walk another block to Russ & Daughters at number 179 for
    unparalleled smoked fish. Next, head a couple of blocks farther west to
    number 137, home of Yonah Schimmel’s knishes. No one should be man
    enough able to finish one of these bad boys, but they taste so wonderful
    that almost anyone can. Now, take your bounty to your hotel room or to
    the park and enjoy.

    Or, while your in the neighborhood, go to the memorable corner of First
    Ave. and First St. and have an unfogettable evening at Boca Chica. This
    tiny, festive spot features tasty and sometimes unusual food from all
    over South America. On weekends, there’s music to match. Moderately
    priced and presided over by the charming Shash Blount, Boca Chica is the
    stuff of New York memories. Just about everyone I’ve ever sent there
    has become a regular when they’re in town.

  • mia

    Uncle Nancy,
    Thanks for taking us to NYC! You taught me how to eat good food, hail a cab and shop for a pink prada tote. I appreciate your honesty in answering all of my questions. My mom’s answers are sooo way different.
    It was an education, for sure!I can recognize bitches, gays, europeans, gay europeans and pimps. Oh yeah, and I learned what it really means to do the bend and snap!
    Now, why won’t my mom tell me what you taught her way back in the old days, like in the 80’s?
    Huh? Tell me Uncle Nancy Love Monster!
    Love you as much as the knish,
    Your favorite niece,

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