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Mini-Review: Hannah’s Off The Square (Denton)


After living in Denton for a few years, I’ve got a soft spot in my belly for (Or is it from?) Little D. The food and drink are cheap, tasty, and freshman fifteen friendly. I’ll cover my college favorites later, but when you want pumpkin curry soup (e.g. more than pizza and beer) there are only a few places to go in D-town.

I had been to Hannah’s once before, with so-so results. While I discovered a nice bottle of wine (2004 Baobob Merlot, I’m looking at you) my girlfriend fiancée was served a burger that was so bloody, it could have been mistaken for steak tartare. Full disclosure — the sous chef was also an ex-girlfriend. Yea, I should have seen that coming.

This visit was for a graduation celebration, and all items were cooked as ordered. Most of us started with the pumpkin curry soup. Even our pumpkin-hating graduate ordered a bowl, and called it tasty. I got the smoked salmon board with dill cream cheese, baguette, pickles, and a dill mayo sauce. The salmon was generous in size and big on flavor. So much so, I should have asked what they used for smoke. For desert, we split an old favorite — molten chocolate cake. The cake itself was a little bland and the chocolate inside wasn’t exactly molten. Next time, I’ll spend the money on a glass of wine.

For a party of 6, we spent right around $100. While we didn’t have any drinks, $16/head for 2-3 courses plus coffee is still a great bargain in my book. I’d guess it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Denton, too.