Tuesday Giveaway: Dubble Trubble Organic Products for Kids


Who is up for a giveaway? A new, all-natural hair and bath product line for kids is hitting the shelves at Target stores across America. We have all six items up for grabs. Dubble Trubble by Galvin & Galvin London has exactly what your child needs for their morning and nightly routines. Even better though, this organic product doesn’t contain chemicals such as parabens, SLS, mineral oils, or animal ingredients that can harm your child. The products are trendy, cute, fun, and ethically produced, which is the perfect combination for a happy mommy and a happy kid.

The fresh line comes in Strawberry, Bananaberry, Cool Cucumber, Cherrybomb, and Watermelon and all available in the 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash as well as a Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray (if you have a daughter, this is always a necessary item in your bathroom cupboard). Nobody enjoys a wailing daughter while you yank at her knots.

Okay, if you’re asking yourself, “I want it! How do I win?” Here’s where the fun comes in: We want to know your best “Horror Hair Story.” (If I entered this contest, I think I’d win hands down. My head of hair has seen sad days of accidental green and orange, and I was once obsessed with cutting my own hair.) Kids do the darndest things, don’t they? But if my poor mother can live through my horrific hair stories, then you will too. There’s no shame, only good laughs here. Comment below with your best story by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 11. We will pick the winner at random. And if you don’t win, be sure to pick up your own Galvin & Galvin London items from Target. Ready, set, go.

Hannah Cheves is a D Moms intern.


  • Doris

    Man,as a mom to rowdy boys, I have been through the chewing gums stuck in the hair we discover right before it is time fr school! Then, of course, we have to shave off the whole head because of the hole I chopped off with shears! Kids are so silly but we laugh about it later though! Thanks for giveaway.

  • Christina

    When I was younger my father didn’t let me cut my hair. At 17, it was past my butt! I couldn’t sleep. (My hair is REALLY thick & I have A LOT of it). So… one sleepless night I got up & just took the scissors to it and chopped it right above my shoulders. It was still in the pony tail, and I plopped it on the bed & had the best sleep of my life!! I wake up the next morning to my mom freaking out & telling me “When I get in this room, this better be attached back to your head!” I was still so out of it, I had forgotten what I had done! I looked at her & she said “your father is so mad right now. I bleached streaks in my hair before he woke up & he didn’t like it. OMG, Christina, what did you do?!”
    At this moment, my father walks in & stares at the both of us. Shakes his head in disappointment, and asks “So you two think you can do whatever you want to do even if I don’t like it?” Then he looks at me & says “you’re not my daughter anymore.”
    Harsh, right?! (He was going through A LOT at that time.He’s totally mellow now).
    Soooo.. I figure, okay. Now I CAN do what I want. I tye-dyed my hair. I bleached it, and it had streaks of turquoise, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, (Hey, it was the 90’s!) Luckily it was winter & I wore a beanie all the time. Plus, if I walked into a room, my father walked out & vice versa.
    So, one day I’m walking to work and it’s raining. I pulled my beanie off really quick to fix it & oops.. here comes my dad driving right up to me. He motions for me to get in the car & I am terrified. He asks me “what did you do to your hair now?” I said “I put a beanie on it”. He pulled the beanie off & once again shook his head in disappointment. He then tells me (& I STILL CRACK UP TO THIS DAY) “I felt bad for you because you were walking to work in the rain, and what do I find? A Peacock walking down the street!” I chuckled and he didn’t like it. Needless to say, he drove me home & had me dye my hair back to my natural color & we had a nice talk and cleared the air. 15 years later & we’re like best friends 🙂

  • Andrina G

    I have long, fine thin hair. My hair is always a horror story but I remember once being at work and it was very humid. When I came in from break my hair was stuck to my head. It looked awful.

  • Solducky

    In 7th grade I insisted to the stylist and my mom that I wanted just TWO layers. One short to my chin, one long to my shoulders. They tried to convince me that this was not going to turn out the way I envisioned, but finally did as I requested. It was like Carol Brady but so much worse since I had thick hair. That night after all my friends kindly confirmed that it was…interesting…I chopped off the long layer myself and rocked an odd bob for awhile before it grew out. 🙂