Partake In a Little Mama Pampering at Equinox


Amid the carpool schlep, volunteer duties, playdate orchestrating, and that big client presentation you have to give next week, there’s very little time for taking care of yourself. At all. I know, friends, I’ve been there — let’s just say I consider it a very healthy day if I manage to drink a couple of glasses of water and take the stairs instead of the elevator to my 2nd (!) floor office. Sad, I realize.

But everyone knows that if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. So I’m thinking we need to do something about this situation, yes? Luckily the kind folks at Equinox have our backs.

Tomorrow, October 8 from 6-9 p.m. the super sleek fitness emporium is hosting an event at their spa dedicated to mothers. The evening will feature a range of  treatments including mini massages, mini Oxygen facials, and  more. They’ll also have healthy eats and beverages for your noshing pleasure. Just be sure to reserve you place by calling 214-443-9009, as space is limited.

While your there, enjoying some gratis pampering, I would highly recommend you book the big guns (a.k.a. The Spa at Equinox’s new Thermal Ice Facial). My mother and I (double mom pampering if you will) had the pleasure of partaking in this healing/toning/oxygenating treatment over the weekend, and we left with some seriously glowy skin. The mask, designed to remineralize tissue to minimize signs of premature aging and nourish skin, is applied in a paste form which turns into a plaster. It’s cool when it’s applied, heats up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and then cools back down as it hardens. And while the process sounds a little kooky, I assure you, the experience is total bliss. The facial takes about an hour and will set you back $185 — a small price considering how mellow we felt the rest of the day, and the fact that two full days later mom and I are still getting complements from strangers on our skin…just saying.

And since facials and massages are just one part of the wellness equation (albeit my favorite part), and apparently actual physical activity is important too, Equinox is also offering D Moms readers a free one-week pass that allows you to take advantage of the full fitness enchilada (including complimentary Kids’ Club) at the Highland Park and Preston Hollow Equinox locations.

equinox pass

Get full details and download your printable pass here.

Happy pampering (and sweating)!


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