Into The Weekend…

whiterockmarketI don’t know about you, but this has been a trying week for me. And full disclosure, I don’t even have kiddos of my own.

Friday morning offers a day of physical movement, yoga style with Sci-Tech Discovery Center’s “story time” activity. Children will learn fun animal poses and enjoy a healthy snack. It starts at 10:20 am.

Saturday (the second of the month) offers us the White Rock Local Market, which is always a blast. The fall bounty is in, so you can also use this as an opportunity to start dusting off some old recipes.

Meanwhile, there’s GrapeFest, which is basically a parade of our favorite elixir all weekend long. You can go Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, where adults can enjoy the many, many varietals of wine, and kids can get into the live music and carnival rides.