More Back To School Fun (This Time Courtesy of the Fall/Winter Issue of D Moms)

schools_in_negotiate.ashx Ok, ok, so we’re inundating you with all manner of “back to school” action this week, but we’re in the thick of it here friends, it can’t be helped. So in addition to the “Seven Essentials” and “Three Keys,” what do you say we partake in a little continuing education too?

In our Fall/Winter issue of D Moms we did just that, and our “Back to School” feature is brimming with lessons for mom. (Because why should the kiddos be the only ones learning new things??) From boning up on the basics of building the perfect wardrobe to studying how to suss out a killer bottle of wine (and loads of stuff in between), we have loads of info to help all you busy mamas out there get even smarter than you already are.

You can pick up the issue on newsstands now, or check out selected pieces online.

Happy learning!