D Moms Loves: Hatch Collection, Read Between The Lines, Lanvin Sandals, and Dear Clark’s Summer Braid Bar



Whattya say we talk a few loves on this slightly overcast Tuesday morning? A little something to brighten things up if you will…

Here goes.

  1. Hatch Collection — First up, there’s the genius that is Hatch Collection’s chic, simple pieces designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. I would normally call bull on this claim — I mean who wants to wear maternity clothes when they aren’t pregnant?? But I personally own two Hatch frocks (a short striped t-shirt dress and a long silky grey number) that I wear all the time, and I am most definitely not with child. It’s a very good possibility that the gauzy (read: perfect for the sweltering summer heat) Tahiti dress above will be taking up residence in my closet soon.
  2. EltaMD Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF — I snapped this up at the suggestion of dermatologist extraordinaire and mom of five(!) Dr. Mary Hurley who, before handing it to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “if I could recommend one thing to totally transform your skin for the long haul it would be sunscreen. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.” Sold. I wear it every day. It’s super lightweight, doesn’t leave any sort of residue or chalky business on my face, and is (apparently) aging me backward à la Benjamin Button.
  3. Lanvin Croc Wedge Sandal — The perfect summer shoe. Full stop. And they’re currently on sale at Forty Five Ten
  4. Dear Clark Summer Braid Bar — My hair is not long enough for braids. If it were, however, I would wear braids like it was my job. (I’m a hippie at heart friends + look at the goodness that hair guru Rubi Jones is working above). For those of you lucky gals that do boast long locks, I would highly recommend making a beeline for Dear Clark to take advantage of their Summer Braid Bar. For $20, the lovely Dear Clark stylists will do your braid bidding — whether you’re looking for basic, french, fishtail, four strand, or waterfall, they’ve got you covered. Need a wash and blow-dry first? For $30 more they can do that too (they’ll even throw in a 5 minute scalp and neck massage). Go. I’ll live vicariously through you.
  5. Read Between The Lines — Last but not least, there’s the matter of the fantastic “XOXO To You” print by local stationery gurus (and supremely cool chicks) Melinda Jones and Tammy Shugart of Read Between The Lines. How cute would this be above a crib or your little’s bed?


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