Exhale Spa Celebrates 10 Years of Their Core Fusion Program With Fusion Fest

image_0c1e566b92047dbb3bfeb2684e4e3350520Exhale’s Core Fusion program, described as a “heart-pumping, soul-seeking, energy-inducing fitness program,” is celebrating its 10th birthday with FusionFest this Wednesday, May 22. The day-long event at Exhale Mind Body Spa in the Hotel Palomar will feature complimentary Core Fusion classes, lite bites, goodie bags, and giveaways… and it may just be the thing to push me past the exercise block I seem to have been stuck behind for, well, my entire life.

I’m especially intrigued by Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre class and its focus on creating, “chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt.” The part about “pushing yourself to the limit,” however, scares the bejesus out of me. I’m not gonna lie.

But with 40 knocking at my door, I need to get over my fear once and for all… FusionFest here I come?