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An Easy (And Super Festive) Way To Celebrate Your Loved Ones

By Joslyn Taylor |

our green nest

Growing up, my mom always went all out to make my sisters’ and my birthdays feel incredibly special. Our family was on a major budget (let’s just say there wasn’t a lot of disposable income), so most of the fanfare was of the low-cost/high-impact variety, but it wowed nonetheless. She would make us a special breakfast and dinner, put balloons in our rooms, make cards and signs. She blew it out.

I’ve been good about carrying this tradition on with my own girlies, but after spotting the image above on local mama Jillian’s instagram, I’m feeling like my hubby needs a little more birthday hoopla too. Jillian busted out the confetti to celebrate her husband’s recent b-day, sprinkling it across the table and decorating the wall with 32 (his current age) large homemade confetti circles. It’s not fancy or expensive, mind you, but man it sure is fun.

I’m thinking this has legs beyond birthdays too… A confetti adorned breakfast to celebrate the last day of school, anyone?


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