Scenes From The D Moms Spring Issue Party at The Shak


Courtney Kerr, Mary Sumners, Molly Miller, Katie James

Carissa Byers
Speaking of inspiring ladies, earlier this month, we threw a party at The Shak for the launch of the D Moms spring issue, and a slew of rockin’ mamas (+ their friends and family) were there to celebrate. Said rockin’ mamas (+ their friends and family) in attendance included the likes of, say, Holly Davis and Janet Gridley (top photo); Courtney Kerr, Mary Sumners, Molly Miller, and Katie James (second photo); and the totally fantastic Carissa Byers

See more snaps from the evening after the jump.


The Gem ladies
The Gem’s Mary Kathryn Bass, Leslie Needleman, Maury Neirling, Lindsay Chatman, and Catherine Rozyczko

Annika Cail, Dennis Cail-002
Annika and Dennis Cail

Melanie Crisp, Allison Vieger, Kate Naumes, and David Daniels

Collin Chenault, Paige Chenault
Collin and Paige Chenault

Finneus Collett, Cheryl Collett, Atticus Collett, Brian Collett, Riley Collett
Cheryl and Brian Collett with their children

Erin Prather Stafford, Hank Stafford
Erin Prather Stafford and Hank Stafford

Lisa Robison, Kim Turner
Lisa Robison and Kim Turner

Lindsay Clem
Lindsay Clem

Joanne Yurich, Elle Warren, Aubrey Connatser
Joanne Yurich, Elle Warren, and Aubrey Connatser