Know An Amazing Mom? Tell Us About Her In Our “Moms Who Inspire” Contest.


The mission of D Moms is to inspire mothers to live rich/interesting/fulfilling/meaningful lives. And what better way to bring this mission to life than to feature moms that are actually doing it? Whether we highlight them in print or here on the blog, these women are our mom inspirations… our mom crushes if you will.

Now we want to know about your mom crushes.

Do you know a mom that totally and completely wows you? Maybe it’s your sister or your BFF or your neighbor or your own mom… Tell us about her, and she might end up featured here on the blog and showered with beautiful blooms from Avant Garden.

Here’s how it works…


Just tell us about a mom who has inspired you by completing our quick and easy form.  We’ll pick three exceptional moms to feature here on D Moms Daily. The winners will also receive a gorgeous bouquet from Avant Garden and a subscription to D Moms.

The deadline is May 9. Fill it out and submit it today!