Kay Wyma On Roller Skating, Broken Ankles, and Coffee in Bed

(The only thing better than coffee in bed? Coffee delivered to your bed…by your children.)

Hi D Moms friends. Kay Wyma here. I’m taking a bit of a detour from the norm for my post this week… It’s something from my sister-in-law Chris who lives in Georgia. They too decided to “stay-cation” for their spring break this year, and, inspired by our roller skating adventures, she and her neighbor took their kids to Alpharetta’s rendition of White Rock Skate. Needless to say, her experience was a tiny bit different than mine. While gliding the rink next to her visually impaired (that’s a different ahhhh-mazing story), she tripped and fell and shattered her ankle. Thankfully her neighbor is a nurse and kept calm until the ambulance arrived. Thankfully they live close to phenomenal health care. Hilariously, her 17-year-old son captured it all on his phone and instagrammed most of the experience — puffed up proud that he has a cool mom who skates with them. Or used to skate with them! (I’m not nearly so cool. I usually sit and watch.) And surprisingly the accident netted some rather awesome side effects.

Herewith a little inspiration from Chris for your reading pleasure.


Almost two weeks ago I suffered a broken ankle. [sidebar: broken is an understatement. Her foot actually ended up facing the wrong way. 9 pins, 3 screws and 2 plates later, they’re thankful for an orthopedic surgeon that knew what he was doing!] Like Kay, I also grew up at Skate Whirl in Wichita Falls; but let’s just say … the skills that I once though I had are forever gone. The minute I fell, I knew that life as I have known it would be radically different for quite some time.

To say that I am a “doer” Is putting it mildly. I thrive on cooking for my family, educating our kids, keeping a cozy and clean house, rearranging furniture, vacuuming every other day, going to tennis matches, transporting here and there.


My escape and passion is running. Sometimes this is done with friends and we solve the problems of the world along the way. Other times, it is just great alone time with worship music in my ears. It clears my head, gives me fresh perspective, and also helps ward off the extra pounds that want to keep grabbing on as I get older. So – needless to say – life around here has changed a bit with Mom elevated (toes above nose) and icing in bed. I know my kids are resourceful, but this experience has taken my appreciation for their care and hearts to a new level. Honestly, we have laughed until we are crying at times.

The first hilarious incident was on a recent shopping trip. I was riding in a wheel chair piloted by my 17-year-old son. He thought it would be fun to take mom on a ride and do a few 360s. (Yikes… is this what I have to look forward to?!) His sister needed some underwear, so he literally dropped us off in the unmentionables section of the store and high tailed it out of there. This left my visually impaired 19-year-old daughter to drive her old lady around. Eyes closed, I sucked in both sides as she attempted to stroll down very narrow aisles with her very limited vision. Needless to say, there were bras and underwear in our wake.

They all have stepped up to serve. My 10-year-old son has my coffee order down and usually by my bedside before I have opened my eyelids! He also like making my shakes. Gardens have been built, the pool cleaned, laundry done, dishes washed, all while I elevate.

Who knew they could do all this? I’m shocked and amazed, not just by the servant hood of my kids, but my husband as well. He has really whipped things into shape around here. Not to mention the endless supply of Chai teas from friends that come by and visit.

I once read that you are loved to the degree that you are known.

Well, I have never experienced such physical brokenness and uselessness, but am so grateful for the people that love me and know me so well. Especially my children.

I have learned that they are watching and paying attention. As much as I know what makes them tick, they know what blesses their mom as well. With that mutual love and knowing of each other, I think we will more than survive. The operative word appears to be thrive. You never know what unexpected hardship has to offer.


Kay Wyma is the author of  Cleaning House: A Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. She shares the hilarity and the tears that  come with raising adolescents & teens on her blog The Moat … because who wants to walk that road alone.