D Moms Loves: Diane von Furstenberg ♥ babyGap, A Vintage Japanese Batman Shirt, and Temporary Tattoos

It’s Monday, which means I’m lamenting the end of the weekend. It also means it’s officially time for our roundup of the coolest/most interesting things spotted of late, and this week’s list is bursting with (insanely) cute things for the littles… Here goes.

  1. A Lemon-Emblazoned Swimsuit. My girlies are in the pool so much in the summer that we have to buy swimsuits in bulk. With its decidedly Stella McCartney vibe, this “lemontastic” maillot from American Apparel is at the tippy top of our “to buy” list.
  2. Dinosaur Dinner Set. I try to avoid plastic at home, but sometimes (i.e. when we’re hanging by the aforementioned pool) it’s just unavoidable. For those times, I’m all about this adorable (non-toxic, bpa-free) melamine set from Little Bean.
  3. Vintage Japanese Batman Shirt. Perhaps the coolest. kids. shirt. ever. Full stop. Bonus: it’s handmade by Dallas-based Color Chaos.
  4. Diane von Furstenberg ♥ babyGap. Ok, everyone is blogging about the utterly awesome DVF line for babyGap, but this dress…holy cuteness (vintage Japanese) Batman…well, I just couldn’t resist including it.
  5. Bobo Choses Tattoos. I have never met a child that isn’t mad about temporary tattoos. Never. I, on the other hand, am not so mad about them. But these graphic cuties by Bobo Choses from TENOVERSIX (online now, at the Joule outpost soon) have me reconsidering my stance.