Holly Davis Takes Us Grocery Shopping

hollyFor the Spring/Summer issue of
D Moms, (out next week) our healthy living crusader Holly Davis took on the daunting task of overhauling my pantry. She spent hours weeding through my sundry BPA-laden cans, stale Halloween candy, and other horror-inducing foodstuffs, all in the name of healthier living for my family.

She even managed to eek out a smile (as seen in that photo on the right) while holding conventional canned greens and an ancient box of artificial food coloring… I can only imagine she’s happy about the prospect of throwing them out (which she promptly did.)



(My post-Holly pantry in its healthy, toxin-free glory. Photos by Elizabeth Lavin.)


The article gives the full details on what stayed (not much), what goes (pretty much everything), and why. In the meantime, Holly has kindly offered to share her “essentials” shopping list in case you want to hit the Whole Foods this weekend.

You can download it here. Happy shopping!

(P.S. It wasn’t all work and rules…while purging my pantry we noshed on some pretty awesome hummus and downed a little bubbly — organic, natch.)


Holly Pellham Davis is the founder of Clean Fresh Living, Inc., a service focused on educating consumers and families on the importance of healthy, organic, sustainable living for life and generations to come. You can hear more from Holly on her Clean Fresh Living blogtwitter, and Facebook.


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