Get Your Om On: Yoga for All at We Yogis

The positive vibes are strong at We Yogis. When I walked into their studio, which consists of clean white walls sparsely decorated  with local artwork, two spacious studios, and a kids play room, I immediately felt comfortable – which is a little strange coming from a self-proclaimed “yoga avoider.” It was their motto, “yoga for all,” that convinced me to give yoga another try at their studio. Could a non-yogi (read: incredibly inflexible non-athlete) like me learn to change her ways and pick up the practice? I took advantage of their introductory special (a weeks worth of all you can practice yoga classes for $20) to find out.


We Yogis takes their mantra of “Yoga for All” seriously. They offer over thirteen classes, making room for every member of your family in their practice. Pregnant? Try the Prenatal Yogis Class. An athlete? They have classes designed to stretch out your tense muscles. Have children? We Yogis offers child supervision during the majority of their classes, as well as yoga classes for your kiddos. Kids ages 4 to 8 can be enrolled in Lil Yogis classes, and for 9 to 13 year olds there’s Tween Yogis class.

I decided to try out the “Rockin Yogis” class (described on their website as “a rockin’ class (that) turns up the heat through an energetic vinyasa practice”) and the “Flexi Yogis” class that focuses on stretching for beginners (i.e. more my pace). I also found out what my adorable four-year-old friend, Jayne Rice, had to say about the Little Yogis class. Here’s how it went.


Flexi Yogis Class (Beginner): I felt that the Flexi Yogis class was the perfect introduction to my week of yoga because I hadn’t taken a class in months. The class took place in a low-lit,  L-shaped room. For an hour we slowly moved through the poses, doing gentle stretching that I could definitely feel, but was never uncomfortable with. The class was mixed men and women, and it was clear that many of the participants were of the athletic type. While the music was acoustic, it was still upbeat, which not only helped the time pass but made the practice easier.

Rockin Yogis Class (Intermediate): The Rockin Yogis class isn’t your standard yoga class. The gentle stretch I felt in the Flexi Yogis class was replaced with a burn baby burn, in the best way possible. What I loved about this class, and what makes it so unique, is the replacement of the standard yoga soundtrack with of your favorite pop and rock songs. The result is a faster paced yoga class that could be compared to an aerobic or boot camp class at the gym. I absolutely loved this class – minus the fact that I could barely move after it – and will definitely be going back to We Yogis to do it again.

Little Yogis Class: When I’m not interning for D Moms, I work at Janet Rice Interiors as Janet Rice’s design assistant. When I told her about We Yogis offering classes for kids, she was overjoyed, replying, “the practice of yoga is a wonderful gift to give your children.” And what a wonderful gift it is – her four-year-old daughter, Jayne, is positively giddy to go to the Little Yogis class, which is offered at various times throughout the week. I took her to class this week to get a feel for what Little Yogis class is all about. There were lots of giggles from the participants, who learned a mesh of yoga and fun games. Jayne had plenty of poses to show off after her class, with a big smile on her face.


The Details:

We Yogis
5600 West Lovers Lane (next door to Chicos)
214-351 – 1229 


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