We Have A Mom Crush On Jin-Ya Huang

(Jin-Ya’s Favorites: 1. Urban Outfitters blazer 2. FT33 3. Nars Red Lizard lipstick 4. Superdry jeans 5. Ella Fitzgerald)


Who she is: Jin-Ya Huang, mother of the adorable Lang and an art director for luxury brands, including Michele, Zodiac, and Burberry watches, at FOSSIL.

Why we love her: Anytime we encounter Jin-Ya, whether socially, teaching a paper cutting class for Chinese New Year at Oil and Cotton, or in a work capacity, we feel, well…happy. The lady just exudes joy, warmth, and love (no matter what happens to be going on in her life). She is a radiant, creative, altogether lovely mama, and we’re happy to know her.

Herewith a peek into Jin-Ya’s world.


On her iPod: We’re all about musical variety. Depending on our mood, Lang really likes Band of Horses, My Morning Jacket, and Gotye, and I listen to anything from Brendan James and Debussy, to Ella Fitzgerald.

What she’s reading: I love Creating Room to Read by John Wood. John left Microsoft to create Room to Read, a non-profit organization. I learned of his mission from FOSSIL being a corporate sponsor of the cause and am so impressed with how many children’s lives it’s positively effected. I’m really proud to be part of the movement.

Always in her handbag: I always have Nars Red Lizard lipstick and Kiehl’s lip balm #1 on hand. Growing up in Taipei, Taiwan, my Mom always told my five sisters and me “A little red lipstick puts the life back into everything.” She was a housewife, a stay at home mom if you will, but she always wore lipstick – even when she went to the market to buy fresh produce she pulled herself together. We could all learn from that effort!

Her uniform: My go-to outfit is a vintage cowgirl shirt, my new favorite skinny jeans by Superdry, a black blazer, and flats.

Her go-to restaurants: We love Canton restaurant and First BBQ but usually end up staying put in our neighborhood because it’s close and convenient. So we’re regulars at Tutka Thai (they always recognize Lang and slip him extra wontons in his soup). My friends always comment that I’m raising a gourmand. Lang loves fish cakes and cannot get enough of noodles of all kinds – from pad thai and flat basil noodle to curry rice vermicelli, he digs it all! As for grown-up dinner, a recent favorite is FT33. I have to say the mixologists do really well with the cocktails, and the Duck is simply divine.

Favorite family outing in Dallas: For outside adventure, we hit White Rock Lake. It’s so close to our house, we walk there for play time or brisk runs to get our nature fix. As for inside, Lang is very much into science, so the Perot Museum and the Planetarium are high on our list.

Her tip for balancing work and family: Quality over quantity. I try to make each moment really count. We all juggle work and family, and often times it’s tough to find that balance. So when I spend time with Lang, I am very much in the present and 100% with him. I often let him drive the conversation, make decisions, and be in control of our interaction so he learns what our relationship is like, very open, honest, and loving. Don’t get me wrong I can be a Tiger Mom at times – but I curb it when I realize he has to learn independence just like I did growing up in Taiwan. I also try to remember to apply the oxygen mask theory – that when I take care of myself, I am a better mother to Lang and all the people around me. It works every time.


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