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Simple, Beautiful Baby Clothes That Give Back


When the girls were babies, I longed to outfit them exclusively in perfect, simple, soft white bodysuits and t-shirts and leggings… (No ducks or frills or bows thank you very much.) Some people thought my approach was boring. I like to think of it as understated, minimal, chic even — like, say, the Céline approach to baby wear (if, of course, Céline actually created baby wear).

Sadly, my quest for the aforementioned perfect, simple, soft white togs was more challenging than expected. Thing is, nobody seemed to make the stuff. Apparently the baby wear universe believes that ducks and ruffles and bows are what people want.

However, had the genius line Dondolo been around when the girlies were babes, my life would have been so. much. easier.


The brainchild of Columbia native and current Dallas mom Catalina Gonzalez, Dondolo is a luxury baby and children’s clothing line chock full of, yep, you guessed it, perfect, simple, white (and the palest of pink and blue) bodysuits and t-shirts and leggings and hoodies and dresses and tights and a score of other spot-on basics. The impetus for the line was a sleeper made of Peruvian Pima cotton that Gonzalez received as a gift during her pregnancy. Smitten with the garment, she searched for infant-sized Peruvian cotton clothing here in the states to no avail. She had never owned comfortable newborn boy clothing of such a high quality, so like any entrepreneurially-minded, powerhouse mom-to-be would do, Gonzalez decided to produce them herself and created Dondolo.

Not content to just make beautiful baby clothes, Gonzalez also wanted to make a difference, so for every garment Dondolo sells, the company donates a garment to a needy child in Columbia, where Gonzalez grew up. She also travels to Columbia annually to visit the villages and research which items will best serve the community.

Dondolo will unveil its new spring collection and celebrate the company’s official launch on this Friday, Feb. 22 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel. Feel free to pop by and check things out in person, or you can shop for Dondolo goodness on their website.

Happy shopping!