Into The Weekend: Homemade Valentines, Ken Price at The Nasher, and Mardi Gras Goodness

The weekend is already upon us (do the weeks seem to fly by for you guys too?), and the girlies and I are planning to hunker down and churn out 60(!) homemade valentines over the next couple of days. I know it seems a tad excessive, but we can’t help it, we love some DIY heart day action. I did a segment on Texas Living earlier today breaking down our homemade valentine strategy. It involves a little art making, some scanning and printing, envelope construction, and homemade candy dots, and is way, way easier than it sounds. You can check out the full details here in the off chance that you want to spend the weekend getting your valentine making on too.

Other weekend plans include a visit to the Ken Price retrospective at The Nasher Sculpture Center. I caught a glimpse of the exhibit as they were setting up last week, and friends, it is beyond amazing — all organic, biomorphic ceramic shapes, reminiscent of ocean waves and sea creatures, rendered in acid, Technicolor hues. The exhibit opens tomorrow and runs through May 12. Don’t miss it!

There’s also the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade on Sunday from 4 – 6 p.m. The parade route starts on Davis Street, from Montclair to Madison, and ends in the Bishop Arts District. Take the kids, catch some beads, and then end the evening with pizza (and an adult beverage) at Enos. The perfect way to gear up for the week ahead, yes?


  • Cet art est très soigné! Bon travail Madame DMoms-