Parenting Wisdom From Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher

(Image of Jennifer Fisher and daughter by Kelly Stuart for The Glow)

We’ve previously declared our love of The Glow for both the beautiful, light-flooded photos and the tidbits of wisdom peppering the interviews with the (insanely stylish) moms profiled.

It’s just good stuff…

Here’s our latest favorite quote from the site, courtesy of fashion stylist-turned-CFDA-nominated jewelry designer (and yes insanely stylish mom) Jennifer Fisher:

“My mother-in-law once told me, ‘If they are quiet, leave them alone’, and it’s proven to be so true. People feel the need to over-stimulate their kids these days. I like to let them be and imagine and create.”

So simple, so true, and yet so rarely something that actually happens. Thanks for the reminder Jennifer.