Into The Weekend: Squash Puppies at Sissy’s and Letitia Huckaby’s Bygone Showcase at Kirk Hopper Fine Art

(Detail from Letitia Huckaby, Her Seed, 2007 via UNT Studio Arts Blog)

I’m with Iris when she extols weekend museum hoping (in fact, cruising around various places containing works of art might even be my favorite weekend pastime), and if Peter gives the nod to an exhibit, count me in… So, suffice to say, I’ll be taking the girlies to see Letitia Huckaby’s Bygone showcase at Kirk Hopper Fine Art this weekend.

Done and done.

When I’m not ogling Huckaby’s work, I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend helping my nine-year old with her science project, attempting to put together a new desk for my five year old, and partaking in a movie and dinner date with the hubs tomorrow night (the squash puppies with jalapeño jelly at Sissy’s and and one of the best picture nominees, so I can say I’ve at least seen one).

What are you guys doing this weekend?