Dr. Kate Naumes On Optimizing Your Fertility

If you’ve been pondering getting pregnant, whether for the first time or because you’re ready to add to your brood, this is the post for you. Our D Moms Daily contributor Dr. Kate Naumes is here this week with tips on how to naturally improve your fertility. Here’s what she has to say…


By Dr. Kate Naumes, ND

This week we’ll talk about some ways to naturally improve your fertility. As an added bonus, achieving your optimal state of health before getting pregnant makes it more likely that you will have a healthy, glowing pregnancy and a healthier baby.

The year leading up to pregnancy is a key window for making changes that support radiant health, inner beauty, and optimal fertility. Some of these changes might sound like your new year’s resolutions, so if you’re trying to get pregnant, here’s extra motivation to stick with them!

    1. Start decreasing your exposure to harmful chemicals now.

      • Reduce the pesticides that you ingest by choosing organic fruits and vegetables
      • Use all-natural body products, choose green cleaners for your home, and never dry-clean your clothes.


    2. Eat a baby-friendly diet. While there is no one magical fertility food, creating a healthy overall diet can be a powerful boost for your fertility.

      • Choose fresh, whole foods over processed foods. The Nurses’ Health Study II followed 18,555 women and found that those who ate more processed foods and trans fats had decreased ovulation.
      • The same study found that women who drink skim milk have lower fertility than women who drink whole milk in moderation.
      • Drink plenty of filtered water.
      • Cut back on sugar. Foods that increase inflammation – such as sugary, high-starch foods – can have not-so-sweet effects on your fertility.
      • Cut out alcohol, which decreases fertility, and caffeine (which is also associated with miscarriage)


    3. Keep up a healthy exercise and de-stressing plan.

      • Exercise regularly and joyfully. Find an activity that is enjoyable and not overly strenuous. The Nurses’ Health Study II found that women with good, regular exercise habits have higher fertility.
      • Show stress to the door. Chronic stress decreases fertility by causing the body to release large amounts of cortisol, which decreases levels of fertility hormones. Remember to take on fewer tasks and pinpoint stress triggers so you can plan ahead to decrease their effects. Find activities – such as yoga or talking it out with girlfriends – or non-activities, such as sitting quietly with a cup of hot tea, that help you improve your response to stress and reduce your overall stress levels.


Working with a licensed naturopath can help you enhance your health in preparation for maximum fertility. Women who are struggling with infertility can particularly benefit from natural interventions designed to improve the health of your uterine lining, balance hormones during each cycle, and stimulate regular ovulation. A licensed naturopath can create an individualized program of diet, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes that improve your overall well-being and naturally enhance your fertility, bringing you a step closer to your dream of having a baby.


Dr. Kate Naumes, ND runs a Holistic Wellness practice in uptown. When she’s not doing her best to get vitamin D by playing outside with her son, she’s counseling her clients about creative and tangible ways optimize their health. She also provides pre-conception and infertility counseling, newborn and pediatric wellness education, as well as ongoing well-woman and menopause support. Learn more at naumesnd.com.

Disclaimer: Dr. Kate Naumes, ND holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Certificate in Midwifery from Bastyr University. The state of Texas does not license Naturopathic Doctors. As such, she holds her license in California and acts in Texas as a wellness consultant, not as a physician.


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  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you for sharing these easy tips to help women naturally improve their fertility. I was disappointed to see that you did not mention acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as it has been well demonstrated in the medical literature to greatly improve pregnancy outcomes in conjunction with IVF, regulate menstruation, encourage ovulation better than clomid and to improve live birth rates. Kirsten Karchmer

  • I use Hypnotherapy for Fertility to help with stress and also to find out if there are any subconscious blocks to having a child. You can get some really fantastic results just from learning to relax!