D Moms Loves: Jen O’Neal, The Menil Collection, and Poppin’s Pens…


It’s Monday and cold and…Monday. Clearly a few happy makers are in order, yes? Herewith a few of the things we’re loving this week:

  1. The Menil Collection in Lonny Magazine — The shots of the collection and the de Menil family’s private home in Lonny’s January/February issue make me want to plan a weekend jaunt to Houston stat.
  2. J. Crew’s knot bracelet — I’d wear this chunky brass goodness every. single. day.
  3. Pretty penmanship — I love the idea of sending hand-calligraphed invites out for a small dinner party. Local mom Jen O’Neal’s stunning calligraphy would more than do the trick.
  4. Simple celebrations — There’s nothing better than a sweet and simple (but stylish) at-home birthday celebration like the one that design blogger Jordan Ferney threw for her 3-year-old son Moses. Key ingredients: giant gold number balloon, washi tape, and confetti. I get my girls a gold number balloon every year at Party City. It’s our birthday tradition.
  5. Chic Pens — I have a weakness for pretty office supplies. So much so, that my husband is threatening to send me to a support group if I bring home anything remotely resembling a pen/pencil/notepad/folder/stapler (you get the idea) this year. Suffice to say, he’ll be none to pleased about my recently discovery of Poppin. That cache of sleek white pens above will be mine…