We Have A Mom Crush On Stephanie Johnson

(Stephanie’s Faves: 1. Jill Scott 2. Prada perfume 3. Cole Park 4. Louis Vuitton 5. Bob’s)


Who she is: Stephanie Johnson, CEO and Founder of Bed Rest Concierge, mom to Harlow, public speaker, business mentor, author, and bed rest expert.

Why we love her: Because she parlayed a potentially hugely unpleasant experience (the 26 weeks she spent on bed rest while pregnant with her daughter Harlow) into a business designed to help women through the same experience with planning, support, guidance, and pampering. Oh and after a 30-minute coffee date with her, we left feeling like we could do anything. Her confidence and energy are utterly and completely contagious

Herewith a peek into Stephanie’s world…

On her iPod:  Jill Scott, Miguel, and Elmo’s Alphabet

What she’s reading:  Joel Osteen’s I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life

Always in her handbag: The Louis Vuitton stays full of size 4 Huggies diapers, MAC Lipglass, Prada perfume, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (I buy the same style over and over), Goldfish crackers, Granola bars, two cell phones, (mine and Harlow’s Elmo phone) calculator (still an accountant by nature), and my manuscript.

Her mealtime haunt:  Harlow and I love Bob’s (Omni and Lemmon Ave). They are accommodating, super kid friendly, and they know us by name.  never feel out of place taking her to dinner there at 8 p.m. Mom friendly!

Her favorite family outing: We love the Arboretum, Cole Park so we can play and look at puppies, and spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at Whole Foods — Harlow loves the balloons and samples, and I get a treat listening to the music…it’s really a meet and mingle for moms.

Her tip for balancing work and family:  Remember that “having it all” doesn’t mean “doing it all.”  Adding help to your daily life creates more time that you can spend with your babies. I don’t get any more mommy points by doing three loads of laundry, running all over town crazy, and then being too tired to enjoy the moments I have with Harlow.  I believe in and pay for help!


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