Spotted Around Town: Foolproof Gifts For Your Best Friend, Babysitter, and Hubby

I’m typically pretty confident about the whole gift giving enterprise. But (you knew there was a “but” coming) every once in a while, I’m faced with a recipient that flummoxes me. I’m guessing I’m not alone here, so during my recent shopping adventures, I honed in on gift options for the trickier-to-buy-for loved ones on your (and my) list.

Here’s what made the cut…

  1. For your (incredibly) hard-to-impress Mother-in-Law:
    Artisan du Chocolat Pearls at Grange Hall — At $70 a box, these little iridescent chocolates are pricey, but they’re so beautifully packaged and unique (not to mention insanely tasty) that even the most, ahem, discerning person on your list will be thoroughly wowed.
  2. For your intimidatingly stylish (but still soulful) sister:
    Le Feu De L’Eau Candles at Le Jus/Number One — I know, I know, candles are a tired gift. But these last-forever, waste-free, sculptural little burning works of art created by two chic friends are the exception. Oh and they smell amazing, which is, after all, the most important thing when it comes to a candle.
  3. For your music-loving younger brother:
    Vinyl Puzzle at Nest — This puzzle featuring the spines of a vinyl record collection will hopefully soften the blow when the (outrageously expensive) guitar on your brother’s wish list doesn’t magically appear on Christmas morning. At minimum it’ll keep his rambunctious kiddos occupied during the long winter break…either way, it’s a win.
  4. For your beloved babysitter (that you’re desperate not to lose to the neighbors):
    Rodin lip balm at Forty Five Ten — When it comes to keeping a good babysitter from defecting to another family, I’m not above a little incentive in the form of, say, lovely/fancy beauty products. I feel pretty confident that this Lucite-encased, slightly shimmery, super moisturizing lip balm from cult brand Rodin would help ensure my future date nights are covered.
  5. For your environmental crusader friend’s kiddos:
    Natural beeswax crayons at The Lotus Shop — Kids love crayons almost as much as they love blinking plastic toys…almost. This set of natural beeswax ones will garner your greenest friend’s approval and provide hours of happy for her kids as they get their art on. For bonus points, throw in a stash of recycled drawing paper.