D Moms Loves: Tom Ford’s Perfect Nude Lipstick, Flower Road Essential Oils, and A Chia Pet (Really)

A few of the things we’re mildly obsessed with this week, in no particular order.

  1. ConfettiSystem Ornaments at West Elm — Fringy, festive, metallic goodness. And they’re on sale, so you can stock up and use them for birthday parties too.
  2. Chia Bunny — Really. My five year old is begging for a bunny for her upcoming birthday. I don’t want a bunny. I am, however, totally amenable to this adorable, retro Chia Pet action. Not sure the five year old will go for it, but I’m going to give it a college try. (Thanks Kristie.)
  3. Tom Ford Indian Rose Lipstick — The perfect foil for my beloved smoky eye. (Plus I feel like pretty much the fanciest. lady. in. the. world. every time I pull it out of my bag.)
  4. The Parenting Trap — A.A. Gill’s genius “stop the madness” parenting article in the December Vanity Fair. Hear, Hear A.A. Gill. Hear, Hear.
  5. Good Greens Chocolate Coconut Bars — The best tasting “nutritional bar” I have ever, well, tasted. No weird aftertaste, no chock full of vitamins vibe (i.e. my kids will actually eat them). Just (addictively) yummy. They’re (ahem) hearty at almost 200 calories a pop, but they’re made up of 100% good for you ingredients and are super filling, so you feel like the calories are actually doing their job. Sadly they’re not available locally, but you can order up a box (or three) on the Good Greens site.
  6. Flower Road — Michelle Bardwell’s line of all-natural, organic skin care and medicinal grade essential oils available at Number One/Le Jus. I have a tiny vial of her geranium oil at my desk, and I can’t stop sniffing the stuff. It’s magic.