The Coolest Gifts for The Kiddos in Your Life

Whether for a niece, nephew, cousin, little friend, or my own kiddos, my favorite gifts to give spark creativity and imaginary play… (Or, in the case of those purchased for my five year old, are wildly sparkly. Let’s just say the child is a magpie and leave it at that.)

Herewith eight of my favorite finds for holiday giving.

  1. Wooden musical band — Hours of fun for the budding rock star…Just be prepared for payback from your gift recipient’s parents.
  2. Friendship braceletsparkle pins, and glitter tote bag — This is pretty much exactly what my aforementioned magpie is getting under the tree.
  3. Natalie Lete teepee — This hand-painted, french-made teepee is so lovely that you won’t mind when it ends up pitched in the middle of your living room.
  4. Make your own robot — Combine with a membership to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, to make your future engineer very (very) happy.
  5. Seedling indie bracelet craft kit — Then again, any of Seedling’s clever, stylish, hours-of-enjoyment providing craft kits would be a win.
  6. Tree chalkboard scroll — This chic take on paint-by-numbers does double duty as a fun project and charming room decor.
  7. Little play spaces cafe — Inspired by an afternoon of cutting, taping, and painting cardboard boxes into a little cafe for her daughter, local mom Kate Fagelman created this genius line of playhouses. In addition to the adorable French cafe, there’s also a castle and a newly-launched beauty shop.
  8. Polaroid Z2300 — This digital camera that makes sticky backed instant prints at the push of a button is so fun you’ll want to buy it for your kid and then steal it for yourself. (That’s my plan at least.)