Tracy Martin Taylor Helps Us Get Cozy (Even If It Is 80 Degrees Outside)


(A few of Tracy’s favorite cozy-infusing goods: 1. Autumn pillow 2. Storage baskets 3. “Hello” embroidery 4. Faux fur throw 5. Bamboo serving bowl 6.Owl canister)


Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, but I got hit with a particularly ugly stomach virus that resulted in an entire day spent in bed totally out of commission. I’m not going to lie, there was a little part of me (the part that wasn’t totally miserable due to that aforementioned stomach virus) that was thinking I should take advantage of the situation. Let’s face it, with kiddos, and work, and all my other sundry duties, an entire day in bed is a rare, no wait strike that, is a totally non-existent enterprise.

So in the midst of feeling like I had been run over by a truck, I piled on the blankets, nibbled an occasional cracker, and watched a marathon of The Good Wife. It was, dare I say, cozy.

Our D Moms design maven, Tracy Martin Taylor, is also a fan of “the cozy”, only she prefers hers with less sick and more nostalgia. Herewith Tracy takes us into her cozy zone. Enjoy.


By Tracy Martin Taylor

Despite our 80 degree days here in big D, the calendar says it’s officially autumn. It’s time to embrace the leaves changing and bring out your inner pumpkin patch growing farmer… Ok, maybe not quite that extreme. Look around your space and see if it’s time to catch it up with the season. Does it feel sufficiently cozy? And no, you don’t need a hay bale to make your home feel fall-ish.

My grandmother (I named her Memommy when I was wee) was obsessed with owls. In her home there was an owl in every corner. And as I think of being with her at her house, it seems like it was always fall. You could feel that she loved those pieces so much and of course our family fed her obsession with owl gifts. Some were grand and formal in style and some were whimsical. But all were adored.

As the season turns, I always tweak the tablescape, the common areas and even my daughter’s room to make our home feel the comfort that is fall to me. And of course, throw in an owl or two for good measure.

Take advantage of the infusion of in-season fruit and veggies to justify an addition to your serving bowl collection. The colors are amazing (think butternut squash, baking pumpkins and apples) and are instant happiness in the middle of your kitchen or dining room.

I’m not a big basket fan… that is unless it really has some character. Basket trays and containers warm up your space, are fairly indestructible (hello kids!), and add some cozy. Pile up some throws in one or use a woven tray to organize your pretties on the coffee table. Trust me, it will feel comfy.

For your little one’s space, bring some fall whimsy in with some cute pillows, bedding, or other accouterments. I love a sweet night-light. Don’t forget the comfort that glowing thing plays in your kiddo’s world since it watches over them every night! Plus, since my girl is convinced we don’t redesign her room enough, I use seasonal tweaks as a distraction. I know, who am I kidding!?

So give your space some autumn love and don’t forget an owl or two, to watch over your world.

Love your space,

For more design inspiration from Tracy, be sure to check out her blog.