The (Genius) Moomah Magazine and A Fun Thanksgiving Craft for The Littles

One of the girlies’ and my best afternoons of all time was spent at a place in New York called Moomah Cafe. The brainchild of Tracey Stewart (Jon Stewart’s wife…sigh, but also a very cool lady in her own right), Moomah was a genius cafe/creative space in Tribeca where families could hang out, sip great coffee, and make cool things together. We popped in for a visit one morning while on a family trip and ended up whiling away the entire day there. It was total bliss.

Sadly Moomah Cafe is no more, but luckily the spirit and creative vision of the place lives on in their newly launched online magazine. Per the Moomah site:

“Moomah the Magazine is an online magazine bringing beauty, humor, and advice to parents who are doing their best to live inspired lives on very little sleep. The basic intentions of Moomah Cafe, brought to a broader community online with realistic suggestions for activities that are as doable as they are enjoyable; parenting advice from experts and those of us in the trenches; art projects up the wazoo; and stories from contributors near and far.”

Count me in Tracey Stewart. Done and done.

Their first issue features a Thanksgiving placemat craft (above) that is refreshingly void of cliche (i.e. no handprint turkeys or pilgrim hats). It’s witty and easy and fun…The best possible combo. You can get the full low down on Moomah’s site. Have fun!

And happy, happy Thanksgiving (early) friends. Hope your holiday is cozy and joyous and filled with all sorts of delicious food and merriment and love.


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