Mom Crush Times Two: Leslie Needleman and Mary Kathryn Bass of The Gem

(Leslie and Mary Kathryn’s Favorites: 1. Donna Summer 2. By Terry rose lip balm 3. Dive Coastal Cuisine 4. Crazy Sexy Kitchen 5. Sami’s Cinnamon chips)


Who they are: Founders of The Gem juice and tea bar and healthy living crusaders Leslie Needleman and Mary Kathryn Bass.

Why we love them: In our inaugural issue of D Moms, we shared our fondness for The Gems’s über healthy and incredibly tasty fresh juice elixirs (I crave their Green Glow pretty much daily). Well we’re also awfully fond of the Dallas moms behind juice. The duo met through their children’s school and immediately discovered they were, “long lost soul mates.” When Leslie was diagnosed with node positive breast cancer, the friendship only deepened, with Mary Kathryn joining her as she delved into all things nutrition and how it can heal. Eager to share their newfound knowledge and passion, the pair teamed up to open The Gem and launch Leslie’s nutrition foundation and her “Diamonds on Your Inside” counseling program.

Herewith a peek into Leslie and Mary Kathryn’s world…

On their iPods: Disco. All day, every day. Donna Summer rules.

What they’re reading: Crazy Sexy Kitchen, by Kris Carr and Hungry for Change

In their handbags: By Terry rose lip balm, four small Granny Smith apples, and a bag of Sami’s Cinnamon chips for carpool.

Their go-to outfits: Anything that is hot pink! Bright, GEM-my jewelry is a must. If it doesn’t make us smile, it stays in the closet!

Their mealtime haunts: For family dinners we’re partial to Campisis, Fernando’s, Celebration, and DIVE, and for date nights with our husbands it’s Bolsa, Lucia at the bar, and the Shin Sei patio

Their favorite thing about working with a friend: Creating a fun, happy place where positive energy abounds. If it’s not happy, it doesn’t work. We are yin and yang–we have different strengths that complement each other perfectly. We laugh. A lot. And when we have conflict we just have a juice off. May the best juicer win.

Their tip for balancing work and family: Family comes first. Communication is key. We both respect that about each other. When it is out of sync, no one is happy!