Talk Girl Power and Work/Life Balance at These Inspiring Events

As a (mildly crazed) working mom of two daughters, I spend an inordinate amount of time pondering how to help them grow into empowered, confident, healthy young women, and how to achieve some semblance of work/life balance… So when I received e-mails about the following two events happening this week, my interest was seriously piqued.

Creating A Life That Fits
First up there’s Friday morning with Mom Corps Dallas President Cindy Yared and Kristin Maschka, author of the Los Angeles Times Bestseller: This is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today. Yared and Maschka want women to forgo the whole “Can I have it all?” enterprise and instead focus on, “What kind of life do we want to create?”

They’ll discuss this far more sane concept tomorrow, November 2, from 7:30-9:30 a.m. at a free book signing/networking event at The Gem. (I do love an early event…especially if said event involves breakfast and juice, which this one does.)

GiRL Power (Girls in Real Life)
Then on Sunday, November 4, Texas Health Resources is hosting an afternoon at Plano Senior High School focused on helping moms and girls ages 9-12 learn more about improving their well-being and building healthy habits for life. The  “GiRL Power” event will cover topics such as bullying, poor nutrition, cybersafety, and low self-esteem, with the goal of, “strengthening the bond and dialogue between these girls and their mothers (or other important women in their lives) to build their confidence and improve their health at this critical stage in girls’ lives.”

Tickets are $15 per adult/child couple and $20 for adults bringing more than one child, and seating is limited, so pop over here to reserve your spot.