D Moms on Texas Living: A Fun Thanksgiving Table for The Kiddos

Yesterday I did a little segment on the Texas Living show featuring a modern kids table for Thanksgiving. The lovely Kimberly Whitman and I chatted about how to create something that felt festive and seasonal sans all the ubiquitous construction paper turkey/pumpkins/cornucopia action.

To create the table, the girlies and I partook in a little craftapoolza last weekend, whipping up all the individual elements. Our goal was to do the whole operation for about $25, keep it easy, and to have as much fun as possible (which was helped along by the mimosas I sipped while partaking in said craftapoolza).

I’m happy to report that it was a success on all fronts.


You can watch the entire segment here and see a breakdown of the projects after the jump…

The Details:

For the centerpiece, I sent the girlies out on a little nature treasure hunt. You should have seen what they came home with… (Let’s just say, that the branch above was originally much, well, larger, and leave it at that.) Once we picked our favorites finds, we spread out some newspaper and got to work. I filled plastic bowls with bright chartreuse and neon orange paints procured from Michaels, and eschewing paintbrushes, the girls just dipped their nature treasures right into the paint. Easy Peasy.

Obsessed with this paint dipping action, we also went to town on the IKEA glasses and the motley assortment of kid flatware hanging out in my drawer. We were painting fiends I tell ya.

Next I enlisted Bryan to unearth a few pieces of wood from his trove in the garage (Michaels carries small wood squares in case your hubs doesn’t collect wood as mine does), and we hammered a few small brass nails into the wood in a random pattern. The girls used yarn make some freeform string art to add to the nature finds.

For the napkins, I pulled out a bunch of old stained cloth numbers destined for the dust rag pile and let the girls draw stripes on them with green and orange Sharpie markers. I then poured a little rubbing alcohol on the lines so the ink would bleed out a pit, creating a groovy sort of watercolor effect (I got this idea from my very clever friend Erin). Once the napkins were completely dry, we tossed them in the dryer so the ink would set. Done and done.



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