Chooze Shoes Makes Its First Microfinance Investment

I’m a fan of all things Chooze…I love the company’s commitment to celebrating creativity and confidence, I love its mission as a Good Returns company to invest its profits in anti-poverty programs for women, I love the whip-smart, compassionate, and immensely cool founder Sharon Blumberg — love it all.

So it’s fantastic to see that the company has made its first microfinance investment, which will enable approximately 100 impoverished women to start businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

One such woman Chinquinquira, from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, was able to start a business selling clothing and accessories with a micro-loan she received four years ago. Since then, she has received two additional loans which enabled her to grow the business and expand her merchandise selection. With help of Chooze, Chinquinquira has been able to become financially independent, complete her home, and create a better life for her family.

Go Chooze!


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