Charlotte Tobin, Fashion Crusader Solves Our Thanksgiving Outfit Conundrum

Yesterday afternoon I presented our fearless fashion crusader with yet another sartorial dilemma. Ready?

“What do I wear to host Thanksgiving if I need to look dressy and, well, grown-up (“grown-up” not being a look that I typically rock) but still be comfortable enough to cook and entertain.”

Charlotte didn’t miss a beat. In fact she may have even rolled her eyes at me a bit as if to say, “Really, really… That’s all you’ve got??”

Then she clicked her heels three times and sent me that fetching ensemble above, complete with lip color… Damn she’s good.

Herewith Charlotte’s commentary:

  • This outfit gives off a sophistication vibe but still feels easy so you can do your thing with the turkey and table and whatnot.
  • Patterns are not only perfect for disguising figure flaws but also for accidental spillage. (Ed note: You’re speaking my language Charlotte.)
  • I’m obsessed with the combo of this electric avocado green and tan — sort of a variation on the super popular neon + neutrals we’re seeing everywhere.
  • Flats don’t have to be boring. The detail on these give off a little rocker chic vibe. Bring on the studs Valentino.
  • I turned to Raya to complete the look, as I knew she would have the proper lip color suggestion. She suggested the Burberry Rosewood noting, “It’s a delicious smelling, non-sticky, hydrating gloss. Rosewood provides a sheer wash of dusty, mauve-toned pink, perfect for subtle, but fall festive, color.”

Done and done.

Get the look: V-Neck sheath dress, $90 at Banana Republic / Valentino ballerina flat, $595 at Nordstrom / Burberry ‘Lip Glow’, $27 at Saks Fifth Avenue / Maison Martin Margiela cashmere cardigan, $1,150 at Net-A-Porter