Charlotte Tobin Fashion Crusader Helps Us Look Presentable But Not Prissy

Ok, here’s the latest fashion dilemma I threw Charlotte’s way. Ready?

“What do I wear when I have an event that requires more than jeans, (i.e. taking the girlies to the ballet, an important school function, a brunch) but I don’t want to look like I’m going to work?”

In another words, I need a go-to outfit that makes me look presentable but not prissy, and (as with all Charlotte’s ensembles) pushes me out of my comfort zone a bit.

She came up with the above, which definitely hits all three marks, especially that comfort zone thing — hot pink, green, eggplant… That’s three different colors friends…in a single outfit!

Here are Charlotte’s tips for getting the look:

  • I’m all about the slouchy sweater. In this case though I would tuck it in so to reveal the belt.
  • I found this awesome leather skirt at the Salvation Army for 20 bucks (can’t beat that! This is definitely your stretch item, but if you temper it with neutral, easy pieces (i.e. that aforementioned grey slouchy sweater) you can pull it off, I promise.
  • I dig booties and keep buying pairs of them. These are perfect because they can be dressed up or down.
  • Keep it simple. With a bold necklace like this, you only need one piece.
  • Colored belts add a fun pop of color when an outfit needs a little extra oomph. If you’re feeling totally freaked, you could switch this out for a skinny belt in black or leopard and it would tone things down.


The goods, clockwise from top:

  1. Sweater, $30 at H&M
  2. Suede and leather tote, $2,300 at Jimmy Choo
  3. Lanvin boots, $1,450 at Neiman Marcus
  4. Enameled belt, $45 at J. Crew
  5. Collar necklace, $28 at Express


  • Reader

    You misspelled ‘Lanvin’ in the photo. You spelled it ‘Lavin’

    • Joslyn Taylor

      thanks! all fixed!