Wish List: Maison Martin Margiela Peep Toe Ankle Boots at Forty Five Ten

I am an open toe shoe girl — ideally an open toe shoe with a little strap action and a wedge heel. Luckily, our balmy climate is the ideal companion for my preferred footwear…

Most of the time.

There are those few chilly months when open toes are not ideal (ok, ok, they’re downright impractical). So I bite the bullet and slip on shoes that cover my entire foot. It’s usually a pair of boots, with, yes, a wedge heel. And I usually can’t wait to slip them off.

But these Maison Martin Margiela peep toe ankle boots (spotted on Forty Five Ten’s new website) seem like the perfect compromise. They would cover pretty much all of my feet (and heck, even my ankles). But my toes, well my toes would be happy and free.



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