Tracy Martin Taylor’s Round Top Adventures

As mentioned last week, the supremely cool Tracy Martin Taylor of Eleven 11 Design has kindly agreed to share some of her design wisdom in a regular column here on D Moms Daily. For the first installment of her weekly feature, “Love Your Space,” Tracy recaps her recent Round Top adventures, lets us in on a few tips for navigating the famed antique show, and shares some of her room-transforming finds. Enjoy!


Hello D Moms readers! I’m crazy excited to have the chance to talk to you guys each week and share ideas that will hopefully inspire you or at least give you a fun break in the day.

Last week was a blur as I ventured to Round Top for the fall show. It’s a lot to take in (need a foot massage stat) and having a vision for what you are looking for before you start the trek definitely makes it easier. My survival tips are short and sweet, but key:

  1. Gather your thoughts and make a cheat sheet of wishes with measurements if needed.
  2. Take a tape measure, hand wipes, a big hat, and some recycled shopping bags.
  3. Keep your phone charged so you can take pics.
  4. Chat with locals/regulars to find out which areas of the show will most likely have what you want.
  5. Bring cash, as it will get you a better price.
  6. If you see something you love, snag it. When you check back, it will likely be gone!

One of my missions when I visit is to snap up vintage items that will add something special to the spaces I’m designing — especially rooms for the littles! Vintage toys, framed art, and small pieces with color add a layer of cool to your wee one’s space. Mixing unique weathered items with modern pieces make a space feel interesting and personal. Some of my favorite personality-packed treasures spotted last week include:

  • Framed ‘words of wisdom’ — Prints with simple advice for kiddos.
  • Super saturated pops of color — Spotted on sculptural and playful megaphones and bowling pins.
  • Horses and horse motifs — The perfect amount of rustic to balance an otherwise girly space.
  • The golden rule — Kid sized seating, vintage books, and frames made out of vintage rulers.


You can hit vintage stores and antique shops like Lula B’s, White Elephant, and Dolly Python to sleuth out similar pieces.

Love your space,


For more design inspiration from Tracy, be sure to check out her blog.