Tracy Martin Taylor Throws A Rockin’ Halloween Party

(Halloween at Tracy’s Pad: 1. Her crew in costume  2. A cozy autumnal throw 3. Colorful {read: not scary} handmade skulls 4. Fun paper masks 5. Graphic spider webs 6. A painterly meets creepy table runner 7. The requisite shot of sparkle)  

I just spent the past hour pacing the aisles of my neighborhood Tarjay in search of “hair sparkle” for my 9 year old’s Halloween costume. We never found it…. Major fail. We did however spend an obscene amount of cash on Halloween candy, so we didn’t leave empty handed just significantly poorer. As much as it pains me to admit this, Halloween just isn’t my gig. I’m meh at best on the whole enterprise, but I try my best to put on my game face for the girlies.

Enter Tracy Martin Taylor. She, on the other hand, is a Halloween powerhouse, throwing one of the best family bashes in town to celebrate the occasion. So for this week’s installment of “Love Your Space,” she’s going to tell us how things go down. Enjoy!


By Tracy Martin Taylor

Ok, so last week was all about my 6 year old’s birthday party at our house. Well, I must confess, the month of October is a doozy since we also host a Halloween party at our casa with a guest list a mile long.

Why do I do this? Because the kids LOVE it, of course, and because it takes care of the ‘get dinner on the table before our kids load up on sugar’ challenge. Oh, and because it’s fun.

I must share with you another (secret) reason for putting myself through the challenges of a kid house party: The real reason is that I want our house to be ‘one of THOSE houses’.

Having an only child, I want to create a destination for anyone and everyone that wants to show up and hang. I knew we had accomplished this goal (or at least was on our way to it) a couple of years ago. It was spring break, great weather, all the windows were open as well as the front door (cue sounds of kids outside, birds chirping, the ice cream truck…you get the picture). I turned around in the kitchen and my neighbor’s dog was comfortably laying down, chewing on a stick in the dining room. That was the moment. My heart was full as I waited; counting down, 5-4-3-2-1 and here came some kids. Joy.

Now, you have to be ready for the spills, the mess and whatever may come along with the hoard. Here are some quick tips for a Halloween free for all:

  1. Decorate your front porch with the photo opp in mind. And wait to do so until a couple of days before to ensure the ‘spider webbing’ is white as snow. There is nothing better than the shot of a gaggle of trick or treaters making crazy faces to document the fun.
  2. Look for the unusual but not too scary. The super wee ones can’t deal with zombies.
  3. If keeping it strictly outdoors isn’t an option, prep your space by opening up the path to the food and make it an indoor picnic. Use blankets and throws to create spots to squat or use them to cover your sofa and other divine fabric pieces to ensure protection.
  4. Think about stains when it comes to food…finger foods, no sauces if you want to keep that photo opp pristine!
  5. Don’t forget the grown ups. Snag some edgy cups for adult roadies. It’s your night too, and why not look like a ‘group’ with your matching drink ware?


Finally, enjoy! And don’t forget, YOU can dress up too!

Love your space,