Tracy Martin Taylor Tackles Birthday Party Beautification

Tracy Martin Taylor is back with more tips for creating a truly smashing space. This week, she let’s us in on how your kiddo’s birthday party is the perfect excuse for a little home beautification. (She’s a multi-tasker that one.) Enjoy!


By Tracy Martin Taylor

Being in the “one and done” crowd, I’ve got a single birthday party to pull off each year. You’d think that would be easy right?! Each year as we go to parties at area play land type places, I keep thinking my girlie will want to have hers at one of those. Nope. She’s insistent on keeping it at home.

Of course, secretly, I do love this. Here’s why: the at home party is more relaxed, the adults can enjoy a beverage of their choice, and in the end, you can create a fun time for kids and the ‘rents…all in one shot.

Another benefit to the at home party? You have a self-imposed deadline for any design/decor issues you’ve been putting off. There’s nothing like a herd of people coming over to encourage, say… a powder bath restyling. Consider it  justification to snag a few items that will raise your tiny loo up a few notches.

Now’s the time to bring out the color. After all, it’s a kid’s party right? I’m partial to these posh Missoni Home hand towels (1) from Stella Dallas and this poppy lacquer tissue box (2) from the purveyor of happy chic, Mr. Jonathan Adler.

For the actual party, don’t be afraid to layer colors and patterns. This is the time to mix and match. A few stacks of various napkins, tea, and kitchen towels (especially the pile buried with your “special occasion” linens, china etc…) are much more inviting than the paper napkins from the party store. A couple of faves include Avril Loreti’s cityscape tea towel (3) and Burke Decor’s herringbone printed linen napkins (4).

Bottom line. Now’s your chance. Go bold, creative, and most important, enjoy your own party. Before you know it, it’s another B-day. (Sniff.)

Love your space,

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  • I absolutely love the Missoni hand towels!