Silla Soup, Tiny Fawn, and Hip Peas: A Few of Our Favorite Local Goods (And They’re Made by Moms)


We love soulful, handcrafted goods. But we especially love them when they’re made by local moms. From organic hair detangler, to artful mermaids, here are some of their creations currently occupying our wish list.

  1. Silla Soup’s hair accessories made from recycled and vintage fabrics by Silla Francis.
  2. Velvet-trimmed tunic from EmmiLee Designs.
  3. Sherri Segovia’s whimsical mermaid dolls.
  4. Artist Darrah Gooden’s delicate Tiny Fawn paper collages and prints.
  5. Stephanie Mahaffey’s all natural hair products for kids, Hip Peas. (My girls need the detangler like the deserts need the rain.)