Mom We Love Tracy Martin Taylor Dishes All Things Design on D Moms Daily

Tracy Martin Taylor is a cool chic. She loves good music, good food, and  her five-year-old daughter Cheza’s insistence on customizing her school uniform.

She also happens to have worn many (highly creative) career hats over the years, including, among other roles, publisher of FD Luxe.

Suffice to say, she’s more than just a “mom we love,” she’s a mom we want to grab a drink with.

In her latest endeavor as founder/owner of interior design firm, Eleven 11 Design, she’s obsessed with helping her clients fall in love with their spaces by approaching projects with the mindset that “good design is not just about a beautiful room, it’s creating a comfortable space that reflects the client’s unique personality.”

Lucky for us, Tracy has agreed to share some of her design wisdom each week here on D Moms Daily. She’ll kick off her new column, “Love Your Space” next week, but in the meantime, we thought we’d give you guys a peek into her world.

Herewith some of Tracy’s favorite things. Enjoy.


(Tracy’s world: 1. Go-to tank dress/jacket combo. 2. Acme F&B 3. Visual Comfort wall sconce 4. Bob Schneider 5. Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliner 6. Proenza Schouler PS1 bag.) 

Her Uniform: Black fitted tank dress with a wrap, tee, or vintage jacket over it, platforms or boots, and a cocktail ring.

In Her Handbag: Cherry ChapStick, a tape measure, nail file, wallet, blue felt tip pen, fabric samples, iPhone (not sure how I functioned without one), Tom Ford sunglasses, Diorshow mascara, Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeliner, and notepad with lists…many lists.

On Her NightstandBringing Home the Birkin. It was a beach read that was ignored while at the beach. I revisit Joanne Tombrakos’ It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life often. It’s simple yet genius, and I flip thru it whenever I feel the wheels might come off. Even if I don’t follow its wisdom precisely, reading it makes me feel like I am.

On Heavy Rotation: Bob Schneider Loneyland, Dwight Yoakam, Fleetwood Mac (I’ve had a three decade crush on Lindsay Buckingham), Imagine Dragons, and (believe it or not) I’m a Ticket P1.

Her Go-To Eateries:

  • Grown-up dinner: Acme F&B (the menu is solid + the cocktails do not disappoint) and Neighborhood Services.
  • Dinner with Cheza: Good Friend (early) or our neighborhood café (think good coloring books and crazy yummy sweets).

Three Things Inspiring Her of Late:

  • The Proenza Schouler PS1 medium bag in suede — Love the hardware, the yummy colors, and the messenger feel to it.
  • Interesting lighting — I’m currently obsessed with wall sconces with a twist of glamour.
  • Cheza’s insistence on ‘accessorizing’ her school uniform — It’s a morning ritual I adore as she decides on a necklace, bracelet and/or headband that will set her apart while still following the rules. At the start of school, she declared that this would be how she could make the blue and khaki her own. She’s got the right idea…


For more design inspiration from Tracy, be sure to check out her blog.