Charlotte Tobin Fashion Crusader: Making Moms Look Cooler One Outfit at A Time

(The goods: H&M blazer, Steve Madden pump, The Limited ring, Alimonada geometric bead and micro suede bracelets, Forever 21 clutch, 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts, J Brand cigarette jeans, Zara peplum top)


In matters of fashion, I stepped way out of my comfort zone twice (!) this week.

First there was the blue shirt I wore on Wednesday in lieu of my requisite black…and it wasn’t a safe (read: boring) navy but a bright cobalt blue. Then the very next day I swiped on some red lipstick with abandon.

I was crazy friends, stepping out, totally living on the edge, but apparently (according to one 4-foot-6-inch person living in my home) not far enough on the edge.

So I called in some help in the form of my most sartorially daring friend/co-worker, one Miss Charlotte Tobin. The lady is good. She can rock a pattern mash-up like nobody’s business. She’s all stripes and florals and animal prints and looking chic (and totally sane) the entire time. I need some of that action big time. So she’s going to guide me a bit.

Enter “Charlotte Tobin Fashion Crusader”, making moms look cooler one outfit at a time. (Nice, yes?)

For her first mission she took on my fixation with the blazer/jean combo and kicked it up a notch (above). Here are a few of her tips for making this action work.

    • Cream and black is a classic, no-fail move, but throw in some color to punch things up… A little shot (like those heels or shorts above) can make a big impact. Keep everything else low-key with neutral accessories that pull the whole look together.
    • If you’re not feeling the shorts (Ed Note: I’m not!) skinny jeans work just as well and still perpetuate the polished yet edgy vibe.
    • Don’t be afraid to mix seemingly clashing colors. The key is sticking to two hues, and keeping everything else pared back. Burnt orange and violet is a favorite (unexpected) combo. Go own with your bad self and work it sista.