Liquid Gold

If you had tried to tell me this time last year that I’d be slathering oil on my person morning and night, with abandon, I would have called you a liar (wait that’s harsh, I would have probably just said you were crazy, nicer yes?). Being possessed of oily skin, the idea of slathering on more of the stuff seemed downright inane. But after reading rave reviews from all manner of beauty expert claiming that oil does not beget oil, I, very tentatively, dipped my toe in the slick stuff. Within a week, I was hooked, addicted, sold.

Cut to one year later and I’m apologizing to you, profusely, as I am firmly in the midst of a major “oil moment”… I’m even slathering the girlies with oil (much to their chagrin). It’s a family affair.

Herewith my current oil arsenal:

For face: In the morning, I press a few drops of One Love Organics Morning Glory into my visage. The stuff smells amazing and makes me look at glowy (not greasy) and bright and awake. I am addicted. I’ve yet to find it locally, so I’ve been buying it online. At night, I up the oil ante by dabbing some Seabuckthrorn oil (procured at the Whole Foods) around my eye area. My skin has never been happier, truly.

For body: I toggle back and forth between La Tourangelle grapeseed oil from, wait for it…the cooking aisle at the Whole Foods (the lovely and amazing Kayli House who appears in our inaugural issue of D Moms turned me on to this genius trick) and, when I’m feeling especially swish, Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil.

What say you friends, are you on the oil bandwagon? If so, what do you use?


  • Joslyn,
    I am on the oil arsenal kick too! It all started with the OCM see here ( then went to Josie Maran which is to die for and now I am on the pure Coconut Oil trip. Spent 3 weeks in the sun on an island and literally never burned as Coconut oil was my facial moisturizer! Good in smoothies and as a skin conditioner! Try it…would love your thoughts.

  • Cindy Redman

    Jos — I have been on the oil bandwagon for a while. I am a big fan of Josie Maran’s Argan Oil for face and eye areas. I also recently fell in love with Moroccan Oil for the hair. As a fine-haired girl, I never would have thought this would work for me, but it’s great — moisturizing and smoothing without being heavy or greasy. Bonus — it also works great on cuticles/hands, rough elbows…you get the idea — and it smells good, too.

  • Monique

    I use good ol’ almond oil. It’s a great makeup remover too!