A Totally Stress-Free (And Affordable) Approach to Family Photos


Last night,my five-year-old Millie and I joined a gaggle of her school buds for a mother/daughter dinner at La Duni Northpark where the above photos were taken. Given that the primary purpose of this post is to tell you about those photos, I’m going to provide the full deets, I promise. But first a little more about the dinner…Dinner was a huge success, and that friends is no small feat given the fact that there were  24 of us (12 of which were pint-sized and bursting with energy).

Said success was largely due to the genius configuration happening at Northpark/La Duni. We set up camp at two long tables on La Duni’s pati0 (the girls occupied one, the mamas another) where we chatted and sipped adult beverages while watching the girls run and play in the “park.” The scene was mellow and (for the most part, these were five-year-old girls after all) drama free. And as much as I’d like to include some snide remark about how it figures that the best park in Dallas would be in a mall, I’m going to refrain, as I love that freakin’ spot so much that I can’t bring myself to disparage it in any way.

Ok, on to the photos (you’ve been waiting with bated breath haven’t you). La Duni has a new collaboration happening just outside their Northpark restaurant with one Mr. Ian Cole. Dubbed “Faces by La Duni”, the set up is bit like a giant photo booth, only without the actual booth. Instead there’s a big white backdrop and plenty of space for jumping and posing and whatnot. Ian snaps loads of great looking shots (seriously they’re all fantastic) for free, and once you’re done channeling your inner model, he scrolls through them with you on his computer. You can buy the ones you like (or not, no pressure) for $10 an image. Then he e-mails your selections directly to you, so you can share, print, do with as you wish.

The girls loved it. The mamas loved it. All the snaps were awesome. It was so easy and fun, in fact, that I immediately started scheming to drag my entire family up there for our annual holiday card photo (usually a miserable enterprise).

Ian is planning to have “Faces” set up most Saturdays and Sundays outside of La Duni, but you can call the restaurant or e-mail Ian ([email protected]) directly to make sure he’s there before you make the trek.

Happy snapping.