I Am Drowning in A Sea of Wet Bathing Suits…

We’ve been essentially living in the pool for the past few weeks. I realize we are beyond lucky to have a body of water in our backyard to help combat our heat wave summers, so I’m loathe to utter even a single remotely ungrateful word… But friends, the wet towel and bathing suit situation is totally out of control.

Somehow we’ve accumulated countless random towels and swimsuits that friends bring over and then forget in their sun drenched, mildly buzzed exit (we like to serve strong margaritas when we have friends over to swim). Combine the ones left behind with the girlies suits from camp and two swims a day at home, and we’re officially drowning in wet lycra and terrycloth.

I’m planning on installing a row of industrial hooks in our laundry room to help keep things under control, but I’d really love a pair of these fun Eames “Hang-It-All” hooks to keep things tidy. Plus I think those bright balls would entice the girlies to actually hang their suits up rather than leaving them in a big soggy, drippy wad on the floor…

But I’m not complaining. I promise.


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