It’s Time for Patio Sessions!

(Our collective girlies taking in one of last year’s Patio Sessions.)

Patio Sessions at the AT&T PAC kicks-off tonight, and, I have to say, I’m pretty jazzed. We took the girlies last year for the Destry/Orbans show, and it could not have been a more blissful evening.

The sessions happen every Thursday evening through May 31st, and it is a perfect, perfect event for kiddos… “Why”, you ask? Well let me break it down for you…

  1. It starts at 5:30, and ends at 7:30 (i.e. it’s short and early).
  2. It’s outside with lot of places for the littles to run and play and splash around (the splashing is the deal sealer for my crew).
  3. You can bring your own food and drinks…thus easily satisfying all your family member’s various food needs. + Who doesn’t love a picnic??!
  4. Your kids can dance around like wild people and nobody will bat an eye.
  5. And for you, they sell wine and beer…and this season’s lineup of bands is fantastic!

It’s foolproof I tell you. Go. You’ll be happy that you did.


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